What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

People have different meanings of Spirituality.  The worldview suggests there is more to life than just what people experience on a sensory and physical level. Instead, it suggests that there is something greater that connects all beings to each other and to the universe itself. 

Spirituality includes mindfulness, meditation, energy work, spiritual retreats, connecting with nature, and new-age techniques to make the quality of life better. On the other hand, religion denies the new age spirituality, they focus on the texts written in the holy books. These books also teach us about love and compassion but due to the fact that religion has always been in the wrong hands, that's why people are becoming more spiritual now. 

How you can know if you are spiritual? 

Spiritual people have broad views about life and religion. The modern world is a very materialistic one where people only focus on worldly gains. Spiritual people are the ones who teach us the importance of being kind, compassionate, and unselfish. They live in a state of constant oneness with God, which makes them different from ordinary human beings. Possible signs that somebody may be spiritual include: being aware of their environment and appreciating it, being open-minded, wondering what the meaning of life is, putting family above anything else, and having an intuitive sense of things- the sixth sense. They live life with the thought in mind that everything is temporary in this world and our soul growth is permanent. 

“Soul is neither born nor does it die” - Sri Bhagavad Gita

Spirituality is the life of god within the individual. It is a place where you can find peace, hope, and love. It is a power that is ever present inside of your being and it’s what makes you whole. Spirituality is about finding a connection with something bigger than yourself, like in religions or other practices like yoga or meditation. Spiritual people often feel whole at the same time they feel connected with something greater than themselves.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and religion are different branches. 

  • Can be practiced individually
  • Doesn't have to adhere to a specific set of rules
  • Often focuses on a personal journey of discovering what is meaningful in life
  • Often practiced in a community
  • Usually based on a specific set of rules and customs
  • Often focuses on the belief in deities or gods, religious texts, and tradition

Spirituality is not just for church-going people. It may be seen as something that is only practiced by the few, but in reality, spirituality can be practiced by everyone who wants to explore themselves and their world beyond the five senses. There is no one way to be spiritual. You can be spiritual in a job, with friends and family, or through the things you do. When you experience your spirituality in these ways it makes life more fulfilling and meaningful.

Some people find that spirituality plays a big role in their lives, while others may not feel so much of a connection with their beliefs. Some people turn to religion for guidance and understanding, while others may find that spirituality comes from within them. There are many different ways to be spiritual and it's important to never judge someone for how they choose to shape their path. We all are free to live life the way we want within the laws of nature.

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Article by Divine University Of Metaphysics

Published 01 Nov 2022