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It's not just about learning, it's about living a life full of meaning and purpose. We offer comprehensive courses in various fields of spirituality and self-realization where you can explore your potential to become a better version of yourself. Explore personal growth courses and get certified to realize your true purpose in life.

Learn All Alternative Therapies Under One Roof

Earn Your Diploma, Bachelors and Masters in Metaphysics

Meditation Teacher Training

Spiritual Scientific Coach

Holistic Counselling


Holistic Nutrition



Chakra Healing

Law Of Attraction

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Spiritual Marketing

Color Therapy

Crystal Healing

Candle Therapy

Sacred Geometry

Soul Healing and many more......

What are Spiritual Studies?

Spirituality means connection between spirit, mind and body. Spirituality is an important part of human life. It is the belief in a spiritual world beyond what can be seen or touched. Spiritual studies are not about religion but it is a holistic way to understand life and live life meaningfully and with purpose. Some people believe that spirituality is about connecting with something larger than oneself and finding meaning in their lives.

Who Spiritual Studies Are For?

Spiritual studies are for everyone who want to connect with their inner self, find happiness, abundance and peace. Spiritual studies can be helpful in many ways, not just for those who are religious or believe in a higher power. People may use these practices as a way to relax, alleviate stress, or even heal from trauma or addiction. Nowadays this is a new emerging career where people feel called to help people and earn a living.

Need Of Spiritual Studies!

We are living in a world of chaos, unrest, sickness, and uncertainty. The chaos that is seen in the world today has become a cause of many problems, leading to four major issues.

1) Environmental degradation

2) Economic slowdown

3) Injustices

4) Spiritual degradation

The Whole World Is In Chaos

The chaos in the world today is undoubtedly due to external and internal factors alike. All the humanity is going through various problems in life where unhappiness, sickness, broken relationships, unfulfilled career, emotional and psychological problems are on the rise. The world faces natural disasters as a result of climate change and wars. This is happening because of a human's disconnection from the nature and the violation of the natural laws which was set by the Nature at the time of the origin of the humanity.

People react differently to chaos and unrest in the world. Many can become fearful, helpless or hopeless during specific moments. They may be preparing for the worst and feeling guilt, confusion and distraction by their own thoughts. While some individuals would try to stay ahead of the coming pandemonium with passionate dedication and extreme action, others are more likely to give up on themselves and become apathetic in despair. Those who take a passive approach will invariably feel disappointment and resentment but could opt for meaningful changes without much notice.

Whereas the advancement of science and technology is making life easy, however it is also giving rise to other problems such as earth degradation that wreak havoc on people every now and then like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, you name it. Nature has its set pattern much like humans do as well as animals. To change everything in and around, we have to change our behaviour, thinking, and attitude towards self and others.

What is the Fix of this chaos?

The only solution for this unrest is raising the Human Consciousness through Spiritual Education and awareness...people need to understand they can live happy and peacefully by following the laws and principles set by Nature. If you want financial freedom, live a healthy, prosperous and successful life, you don't have to get anything from others by force or crooked way. there are enough resources for everyone. the Universe is full of infinite abundance and Nature has a solution for everything. the only requirement is to understand the ancient wisdom which wa buried under the Tree of Wisdom for long. But now people are waking up from the sleep of ignorance and learning the secrets of the Universe.

To bring peace, harmony and abundance in your life and in this world three steps are required.

1) Spiritual Education and Awareness: Education about the laws and the principles of Universe and nature can help people to raise their consciousness.

2) Mindset Exploration: People need to change their mindset. Most people are conditioned by the traditional way of thinking. They need to adopt a new way of thinking. Like electronic devices; mobile, laptop, and very old houses need upgradation likewise humans need to adopt new age thinking. Humanity need to embrace spiritual and scientific sides of life to live peacefully.

3) Skillset: New skills can be developed to live in harmony with nature and to solve simple to complex problems of human beings.

We will teach you all of three skills to live peaceful and abundant life.

Since modern society is advancing, the quality of life is decreasing due to stress, long working hours, over-use of technology, people are forgetting the essence of their true self and have forgotten how to live in harmony with nature. Living in harmony with nature is like playing a puzzle of many processes or changes which are full of challenges. All systems are run by big pharma companies, political leaders, and big corporations. These big players are exploiting natural resources for their profits that cause more problems for people. But who is suffering in all of this game? The common man!

This is not an issue that can only be addressed by politicians or developers. We need a change at all levels such as physical, mental and spiritual. This change can be brought on an individual level when people will be more aware of their connection with nature. Humanity has forgotten the importance of nature which is full of infinite abundance. They need to remind and follow the laws and principles set by Nature to live in peace and harmony.

How can we help you?

Online education


Coaching/Mentoring helps the individual to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge so that he can achieve his set goals. An important fact about coaching/mentoring is to improve the quality of your life, gain knowledge and skills that will help in reaching specific goals.

Online education

Online education

Online learning offer courses to complete at your own pace. Through the increase in technology and artificial intelligence, the world has set a wide platform to learn academic courses in online mode. Students can benefit from variable courses to be a skilled and enthusiastic person to build his/her career. Online learning has a number of tools such as videos, PDFs, files, and live sessions

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In-person workshops and classes will be scheduled from time to time along with online education to get hands on expertise.

Courses And Programs

Energy Detox
Jane AdamsDivine University Of Metaphysics

Diploma In Metaphysics

In Diploma program 10 healing modalities are covered that includes online and hands on learning.

Energy Detox
Jane AdamsDivine University Of Metaphysics

Bachelor's In Metaphysics

In Bachelor's program 25 healing modalities are covered that includes online and hands on learning.

Energy Detox
Jane AdamsDivine University Of Metaphysics

Master's In Metaphysics

In Master's program you will expand your awareness over the Metaphysical subject. It also includes entrepreneurial training.

Energy Detox
Jane AdamsDivine University Of Metaphysics

5 Day Energy Detox Challenge

Learn easy and simple techniques to get rid of toxic energies and abundance blocks clearing.


Jane AdamsDivine University Of Metaphysics

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a tapping technique which heals emotional and psychological issues from the deeper level.

$ 397

Candle Therapy-Manifestation Ritual
Jane AdamsDivine University Of Metaphysics

Candle Therapy (Manifestation Ritual)

Enhance the power of your candle with FIRE SYMBOL. Discover more secrets in the course.


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Vast Experience

We have been serving the humanity for more than two decades in the field of wellness.

Unique spiritual studies

All our teaching material is based on a combination of science and spirituality which gives complete understanding about the Universe.

Best Learning Portal

We don't provide only material to read but we focus on hands on healing so that a person can learn and heal themselves and others.

Case Studies and Success stories

Earn your Diploma, Bachelor's and Master's in Metaphysical Science

Become a professional Coach, Teacher and Metaphysician. Make difference in your and others lives with your spiritual gifts. This is a new emerging profession, people are adopting. If you feel that you are meant for something bigger then this profession is for you.

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Josh Johnson

John Macdonald

(Business Owner)

I have just completed Master Your Destiny Program and continued Activate Wealth and Happiness Code. I can confidently say that all the knowledge I have acquired is applicable and useful. My view about life have completely changed. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.

Manuella Dolores


(Electrical Engineer)

I am very grateful to have Dr. Jasz as my Mentor, she is very knowledgeable, kind, and a gifted soul. Her programs are so amazing, unique and life changing. I have learned so much in past two years that I could not learn in my whole life.

Yuri Sherkozy

Daniel Disouza


This is all-in-one place for all your needs i.e. health issues, financial problems, relationships, happiness, abundance and spiritual growth. Dr. Jasz is a real deal. She can go above and beyond to help you. I have competed Master Your Destiny program, Activation of Happiness and Wealth Code, Karmic Code Activation and Business Mastery Course. All the information is so unique which is not available anywhere in the world except this place.

Amanda Burton

Maria Hwasa


I am very impressed from the teachings of Divine Order Healing Centre. All the courses are very interesting. Material of the courses is very much to the point. No lengthy and boring stuff is there. My family members have availed many services form this place. Jasz has the capability to connect with the Higherself and access the information from the source. I shout out for this place. You will have no regrets. I am very happy and grateful that Jasz is my teacher and mentor.