Candle Therapy (Manifestation Ritual)


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Candle Therapy (Manifestation Ritual)

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Step into the mesmerizing world of Candle Therapy, where the ancient power of fire meets the modern art of healing. Join a transformative journey through the sacred flames and harness the elemental energy to dissolve barriers and ignite your soul. 

In this immersive course, you'll unlock the mystical potential of candles as vessels for divine intervention and "FIRE SYMBOL". Discover the sacred art of invoking Fire Deities, calling upon their timeless wisdom to infuse your candles with blessings that transcend the ordinary.

Explore the profound significance of the Fire Symbol, a mystical emblem that amplifies the inherent power of each candle. Learn the sacred rituals of carving this symbol onto your candles, awakening their ability to transmute obstacles into opportunities.

Delve into the enchanting world of colors and shapes, understanding their profound impact on candle magic. Master the art of choosing the right hues and forms to amplify the energy and purpose of each candle, unleashing its full potential to heal, protect, and empower.

Unleash the innate power of fire within you and let it guide you through the spiritual journey of Candle Therapy. Embrace the transformation, dissolve limitations, and bathe in the sacred glow of illuminated possibilities.


Course content

videoContents Of The Course Start
videoCandles In Ancient Times Start
videoWhy does a Candle Flame always point up? Start
videoColors in the candle flame what does it symbolize? Start
videoCandles In Different Cultures Start
videoSignificance Of Fire Start
videoThe Five Elements in Candle Therapy Start
videoChakras The Energy Centers Start
videoCandles And Their Shapes Start
videoColor Significance Of Candles Start
videoPurpose Of Candle Burning Start
videoHow To Choose The Right Candle? Start
videoCharge Your Candle Start
videoFire Deities Start
videoMethod Of Manifestation Ritual Pdf. Start
videoManifestation Ritual (Video) Start
videoEthics Of The Ritual Start
videoDid Ritual Work? Start
videoCandle Safety Tips And Guidelines Start

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Candle Therapy (Manifestation Ritual)

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