Candle Therapy (Manifestation Ritual)


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Candle Therapy (Manifestation Ritual)

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Candle Therapy can be used for different purposes because of Fire Element which is considered as a Holy Fire. Fire has the power to transmute all the blockages. Fire Symbol, when carved on the Candle it increases its power. The course will teach the invocation of Fire Deities to bless the Candle, use of Fire Symbol, and right use of color and shapes to Candlepower.

Course content

videoContents Of The Course Start
videoCandles In Ancient Times Start
videoWhy a Candle Flame Always Points Up? Start
videoCandles In Different Cultures Start
videoSignificance Of Fire Start
videoFive Elements Start
videoChakras The Energy Centers Start
videoCandles And Their Shapes Start
videoColor Significance Of Candles Start
videoPurpose Of Candle Burning Start
videoHow To Choose The Right Candle? Start
videoCharge Your Candle Start
videoFire Deities Start
videoMethod Of Manifestation Ritual Pdf. Start
videoManifestation Ritual (Video) Start
videoEthics Of The Ritual Start
videoDid Ritual Work? Start
videoCandle Safety Tips And Guidelines Start
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