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Coaching And Mentoring 

At present I am fully engaged in teachings and group coaching. If you want to work with me one-on-one you need to apply. I take only 2 entries  every month.


Private Mentoring/Coaching

Any situation/problem can be healed if you have thorough understanding about the problem for example in health condition-if someone has cancer, or life threatening illness, or non curable disease, or mental illness etc. one need to adopt the approach to understand why a person is suffering from the problem instead blaming people, God and self. 

In case of financial problems, one needs to understand the causes that why a person is operating under the law of limitation. 
Only awareness and spiritual education can clear darkness from life.

Most people can not get to the life they want to live because of their conditioning, the old patterns, and behaviours they have developed in their childhood, and adult age. They don't know how to break these patterns and consequently they keep suffering throughout life. 

But do not worry life is a treasure you are so much more you know. I can help you in mapping out your personal and professional goals. You will learn the tools and techniques through ancient wisdom and develop specific skills to solve simple to complex problems of life.

Mentorship/Coaching is for you if............. 

- you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life

- you are ready to take uncomfortable actions means you are ready to come out of your comfort zone.
- you are ready to change your life; no matter what obstacles are on the way.
- you want to heal deeply on all levels - mind, body and soul.
- you are ready to invest in yourself.
- you are decisive, if not make the decision first to change your life.

Expectations from the Mentorship Program

The outcome of coaching and mentorship program depends on your efforts and time you have spent in coaching. 
- Heal mind, body and soul 
- Understanding the system of Universe
- understanding of manifestation process
- strong self image (part of long term mentoring)
- Universal law of attraction 
- learn to be a winner
- playing victim no more
- make the quality of life better
- develop intuitive skills
- many more.............
We are accepting applications for Master Your Destiny Coaching program