5 Day Energy Detox Challenge


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5 Day Energy Detox Challenge

About Course

Spiritual energy detox is a process of holistic methods that involves the cleansing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is a process of the complete elimination of lower energies in order to achieve better health and healing. It can be used to remove physical, mental, or emotional toxins. In this 5-Day challenge, you will learn to clear energy blocks with simple 5-minute techniques. 

Day  1 – Spiritual Cleansing (Cleansing of the place and self)

Day 2 – Soulful and Mindful Eating 

Day 3 – Mental Hygiene 

Day 4 – Abundance Blocks Clearing

Day 5 – Soul Activation

Bonus: Money Ritual 

Abundance Meditation

Course content

videoSpiritual Cleansing Start
videoInstant Cleansing Meditation Start
videoSpiritual Cleansing Transcript Start
videoSoulful And Mindful Eating Start
videoSoulful And Mindful Eating Transcript Start
videoYogic Diet Start
videoMental Hygiene Start
videoHeart Chakra Healing Start
videoMental Hygiene Transcript Start
videoAbundance Blocks Clearing Start
videoAbundance Blocks Clearing Transcript Start
videoActivate Soul Start
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videoSoul Star Chakra Image Start
videoMoney Ritual Start
videoAltar For Ritual Start
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