Chakra Treatment Kit

Chakra Treatment Kit

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Chakra Treatment has been created for self-treatment to add to everyday life. In this fast-paced life, a person can’t go often to the therapist or energy healer even sometimes due to financial constraints can’t take sessions regularly, that’s why this powerful treatment has been created to help you to keep going.

This is not a general healing and balancing session it is literally a treatment that includes a combination of techniques. If you have had experience with chakra healing and balancing sessions before then you will feel the difference that how this treatment is different. The treatment is completely a new method of treating the chakras on your own which is very powerful.

Chakra Treatment Kit is a DIY kit that includes 3 parts: 

  • Chakra Treatment 
  • Chakra Mantras
  • Chakra Subliminal Coloring Images

Chakra Treatment can be used all together or one at a time. 

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